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Demystified: These six categories of children have higher IQs

Demystified: These six categories of children have higher IQs

Everyone wants their children to be smarter, but how can they do that?

Experts suggest that most children with high IQs have the following characteristics.

  The IQ of smart babies is not as high as they were born. In addition to genetic factors, parents can rely on the love and efforts of the day after tomorrow to improve their IQ. This is one of the most valuable assets that parents can give their children!

  Everyone wants their children to be smarter, but how can they do that?

Experts suggest that most children with high IQs have the following characteristics: 1.

Distant marriage with a newborn child.

  Generally speaking, parents’ IQ is high, and children’s IQ will not be low.

This genetic factor is also manifested in the blood relationship. Parents are locals with an average IQ of 102; children born to parents married in other provinces have IQs of 109; parents are cousins, and children with low IQs increase significantly.

It is suggested that intermarriage in different places can improve the connected IQ level.


Children born to parents during the best childbearing period.

  A sample result shows that the average IQ of children born to mothers before the age of 23 is 103, and that of growers between the ages of 24 and 28 is as high as 109, but the children born too late (after the age of 29) are lower than 105.

Therefore, experts recommend 24-29 years of age as the best breeding period for women of childbearing age.

With men, it is better to be a dad around 30 years old.


Children who grew up on breast milk The nutritionists at the University of Cambridge in the UK carefully tested the IQs of 300 children aged 7-8 years and compared them with the infant’s diet.Growing up are 10 points higher than their peers.

  According to research, the expected time of breast milk may be related to the baby’s IQ.

Medical experts at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology tested the IQ and motor skills of 345 13-month-old babies and retested when they were five.

Nearly two-thirds of these subjects had breast milk for at least six months, but 17% of them switched to feeding bottles when they were less than three months old.

  The team, led by Dr. Torstein Vik, found that breastfeeding and motor skills are interrelated regardless of age.

  But those babies who no longer breastfeed after three months of age may be hampered by their below-average mental and overall IQ performance by the age of 13 months and before the age of five, respectively.

  This finding supports most physicians’ suggestions for “best breastfeeding.”

According to the research report, “We found that the length of breastfeeding and breastfeeding is positively related to mental development, even after adjusting for maternal age, education, IQ, and smoking during pregnancy.

“Our data support the hypothesis that complications during breastfeeding are beneficial for cognitive development.

“Many new mothers can’t stand it, and some even think it can’t be done. They are still under increasing pressure from health professionals and society to ask for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding special nutrients, hormones and antibodies, transfers the mother to the baby and protects the baby from disease infections, respiratory diseases and diarrhea.

Experts particularly recommend that mothers in developing countries breastfeed because infants in those countries are at higher risk of dying if they do not drink breast milk three or four months before birth.


Experts in children of moderate weight compare obese children over 20% of normal weight with normal children of the same age.

It was found that their ability to see, hear, and accept knowledge was at a low level.

  Are there some disadvantages of obese babies?

How to avoid it?

  There are two main factors in the formation of obese babies, one is excessive nutrition, and the other is insufficient exercise.

In fact, it leads to the excessive proliferation and accumulation of adult tissues throughout the body, so that an excess baby is formed.

  Hidden dangers behind obesity cause comorbidities. Babies often show external symptoms such as tachycardia, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

At the same time, it is also easy to cause some comorbidities, such as excessive infants are susceptible to respiratory infections, severely excessive children are susceptible to skin infections.

  Due to changes in insulin metabolism in obese children, children with diabetic retinitis are often found in too many children and can develop into diabetes at a later stage.

  5. Children who insist on having a good breakfast.
  David Benton, a doctor of psychology at Swansea University in the United States, highlights the importance of breakfast.

His survey data showed that those students who took the difficult exam after breakfast had obvious obvious fasting references.

  The ideal breakfast consists of four parts. In general, children should eat breakfast 30 minutes after getting up.

The nutritional content of breakfast should account for about 1/3 of the whole day. The main and non-staple food for breakfast must be scientifically matched and often change patterns.

The ideal breakfast consists of four parts: cereals + animal protein (eggs) + milk + vegetables and fruits.

  Breakfast can be a bottle of milk, two slices of bread, an egg, half a fruit, or the bread can be replaced with meaty porridge, steamed bread, cereal and other cereals.

High-quality protein is indispensable. Children are in the vigorous period of growth and development. Supplementing high-quality protein and calcium is very important, so milk and eggs are better choices.

Why add fruits and vegetables?

Due to complications such as eggs, milk, buns, etc. in children’s breakfast, protein and a small amount, and vitamins are few, and these foods take a long time to digest, causing blood to accumulate in the digestive tract for too long, reducing the supply of oxygen to the brain cells and eatingVegetables and fruits can balance the pH in the blood and eliminate stress in the insulin tract.

  Don’t eat high sugar content for breakfast. Children can’t finish the four parts of breakfast at one time. They can leave the fruit at 10 o’clock and eat.

Try to eat less sugary foods for breakfast to prevent dental caries and obesity.

Some parents think that condensed milk is as nutritious as milk. In fact, the nutritional value of condensed milk is far less than that of milk and yogurt, and the sugar content is very high. Children try not to drink condensed milk.

In addition, do not drink yogurt on an empty stomach, eat some other food before drinking yogurt.

Parents often change the breakfast pattern, combining dry and rare.


Active child.

  A study by Dr. Newsola at Bellucci College in the United States found that students who insist on aerobics every 20 minutes of running have significantly better academic performance than those who are lazy.

He is outstanding. Exercise can keep the brain in the initial state of temptation or relaxation, and imagination will be freed from the constraints of various thoughts, becoming more alert and creative.

  Active exercise is of great significance to the newborn’s health, intellectual development, and psychological development, but the newborn’s muscle strength is weak, neuromuscular connections are not smooth, and it is not possible to overcome gravity to actively complete large movements.

Use the buoyancy of water to overcome gravity and let your baby float freely on the water, and you can get the freedom of active movement.

  Since the population lives in the environment of amniotic fluid and does not use lungs to breathe, the newborn baby has a suffocating instinct in the water. Using this instinct baby can learn to swim relatively easily.

Therefore swimming is the first choice for newborns to take active exercise.

  Smart and cute babies are naturally the hope of every mom and dad.

But did you know that smart babies can be “made to order”? If you plan early on your baby’s daily diet, exercise and education, and pay more attention, you will be able to penetrate the effect of doing more with less, easily and build a healthy and smartBaby.