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Gym perfect fitness program

Gym perfect fitness program

Holding a brand new fitness card and walking into Linlang’s gym, you are a little bit dazed: How should I start a fitness program?

What do I practice each time?

Are there any caveats?

Let’s follow the experts’ instructions and browse the best fitness programs.

  It is more important to prepare silica supplements at home. Eat something 30 minutes in advance and feel more energized when you exercise.

  Many girls think that they should not eat to lose weight. However, if even the aunt’s metabolic energy is insufficient, the effect of weight loss will be affected.

  Weight Loss: You can eat a dinner twice before and after exercise.

  Have sports clothing and shoes ready.

  Solemn reminder: Do n’t look back when you meet a beautiful MM or a handsome guy on the way to the main points.

  Warming up starts with a gentle, easy exercise. Don’t increase the intensity too quickly and make your body sweat slightly.

  The elderly can choose bicycles, elliptical machines and other equipment to warm up to reduce the impact of joints.

  Before high-intensity training, you should also warm up the main muscles, and some perform a set of light weight training.

  The purpose of stretching before contraction exercise is to reduce the viscosity of muscles, increase the blood flow of exercise muscle groups, improve exercise performance, and reduce the occurrence of sports injuries.

  Basic training for all: strength exercise + aerobic exercise.

  The purpose is to obtain personal fitness data through physical fitness tests, determine training goals based on personal fitness, and arrange training plans based on training goals, including training content, focus and plan adjustments.

  About strength exercise for elementary bodybuilders: When doing strength exercises, you should focus on equipment training, supplemented by free weights.

Because fixed instruments have a certain movement trajectory, it is easier to grasp and the muscle group will feel more.

  General bodybuilder: Can you do 20 first?
45 minutes of strength training, then 20?
45 minutes of aerobic training, the overall fitness time is controlled at about 1 hour.

  Intermediate and advanced trainers: You can appropriately extend the training time or increase the training intensity according to your own needs.

  About aerobic exercise should generally be arranged after strength training.

  Pay attention to monitoring heart rate, 60% of maximum heart rate?
70% is the fat loss interval, 70% of the maximum heart rate?
80% of the cardiopulmonary function training interval.

  Common aerobic equipment includes treadmills, elliptical machines, mountain climbing machines, stationary bicycles, etc.

  Common aerobic courses can be divided into two categories: static and dynamic. They can also be divided into equipment and non-equipment. The different courses have five aspects of muscle endurance, flexibility, muscle strength, cardiopulmonary function, and body composition (the five elements of fitness)There are also different emphasis on exercise effects.

  Men’s fitness: Recommended to choose boxing, Pilates, barbell, core training and other courses.

  Female bodybuilders: Generally you can choose your favorite items, such as basic courses of aerobic dance, pedals, or popular courses, such as belly dance, Indian-Pak dance and so on.

  Muscle builders who train in different groups: In terms of timing, strength exercises should account for 70%?
80%, aerobic training accounts for 20%?

  Weight loss: In terms of timing, strength exercises should account for 30%?
40%, aerobic training accounts for 60%?

  Male bodybuilders: For proper muscle growth, generally choose a few training moves (2?
5 types), the maximum number of groups (10?
20 groups), moderate number of times (8-12 times per group).
  Female bodybuilders exercise relatively light weight and control the number of times at 15?
20 times (maximum repetitions): Women’s fitness is mainly aerobic, but don’t ignore strength exercises.

  The finishing movement is mainly conservative.

The method is static stretching, don’t bounce up and down.

  Can each part repeat 2?
3 times, each time maintaining 15?
30 seconds.

  In addition, during the training of the equipment, the group and the group’s division should also stretch the target muscles.

  Don’t rush to bath after bathing and dressing training, take a short rest, and wait until you no longer sweat.

  Use warm water for bathing.

  The most problematic place in the gym is the sauna room. After high-intensity training, blood has been injected into the muscles. At this time, when the sauna is steamed again, the internal organs and the brain are inadequately supplied with oxygen and oxygen, which is very dangerous.

  Nutritional meals should generally be supplemented with a small meal after exercise.

  Mainly supplement a small amount of protein, high glycemic index of glucose, minerals, etc.
  Gainers: eat a meal around 1 hour of fitness.

  Female bodybuilders and weight-lossers: Traces should also be added appropriately.