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Lover can make her husband gain weight happily

Lover can make her husband gain weight happily

Love has come to know Jiang Zi’an. It was a few years ago, a message board at the door of a convenience store in Boston. All the message boards at the door of the convenience store were full of different content notes, lost pets, renting a house, marriage.Even seeking sexual partners, it is surprisingly convenient for customers.

Jiang Zi’an sought a co-sharer because the apartment he rented was a bit large and economically heavy.

Coincidentally, I used to live in the student apartment and saw Jiang Zi’an’s note. Everyone is studying medicine, and they are both from China.

On the weekend, Jiang Zi’an carried her simple luggage on her shoulders and carried it without a word. Yi Xi had a good impression on this slightly slender man.

  Lonely man and widow and a foreign country are easy to talk about love. A few days later, a piece of paper in two beds was idle, and after a while, the bed was lifted and turned into a study.

  In just three years, his major left a tail, and the topic was mostly entangled in whether to return or not. In fact, staying was also very simple. Jiang Zi’an was reluctant. At the end, he said: I Xi, I will return to China. What about you?

  Sure tone, no room for discussion.

  Yi Xi hesitated slightly and said: Then-I will return.

She stuffed invitations from several American hospitals in Scotland, and heard the classmates who had returned home earlier said that Dr. Haigui was also well placed, not to mention Jiang Zi’an in the country.

  As a result, there was City A, which both people liked. The environment surrounding the mountains and the sea, the climate was mild and pleasant, and they were busy contacting the hospitals in City A. Everything went so smoothly that someone had a sense of loss of fighting spirit.

  Let’s register to get married. The hospital is first-rate in city A. In order to attract returnees, Yixi and Jiangzi Anjin Hospital have been resettled in a seaside community with a set of more than 100 square meters of apartment buildings. The community environment is modeled on the European style, greening and cultural facilitiesBoth are pretty good, not worse than the United States.

  On the first night of the new house, Yi Xi storage pillow sneered: Where do you sleep?

  After asking Jiang Zi’an for a moment, Yi Xi skipped and caught his neck: dear, let’s go to register to get married.

  Jiang Zi wakes up and says to God: OK, let ‘s visit our parents and get married.

  For three years, I rarely said the word about love. Sleeping in a bed, eating from a plate, and eating, as if the ending had been logically waiting, without the need for language-assisted verification.

  Yi Xi and Jiang Zi’an’s house are in two buildings next to each other, looking out through the windows. After a tired night, return to their respective houses, the two phases are not disturbing, and the time is as smooth as water. Occasionally in the morning, Yi Xi opens his eyes and squints.In the half-empty bed, there will be a few lonely minorities floating on my heart, and then running on the balcony wearing pajamas, you will see Jiang Zi’an in the morning light, with a calm expression and a condensed attitude. Only when I saw her, the corners of her tight lipsHang a smile.

  Yi Xi suddenly felt a love affair. After living in the United States for three years, thinking about it, how could he step into the marriage without a love process and think of it, there was a slight loss in his heart.

  Ixienken likes the feeling now, as if he refilled the falling love process, a little sweetness crowded in his heart.

  Both parents have paid a visit. In the eyes of each other’s parents, the academic qualifications of men and women are quite good, and they are the best candidates. All that is missing is a wedding paper. Yixi calms down. She is a sensual woman.Baitou has nothing to do with that flimsy wedding paper.

  Both are attending physicians. They are usually busy running rabbits. They easily catch weekends, get tired of bed, and pray that there will be no emergency treatment to disrupt this rare leisure.

Hungry, drag some semi-finished food from the refrigerator and burn it up to kill your stomach.

  Jiang Zi’an chewed cold bread and said, “Yixi, don’t you think this life is very boring?”

Seeing Yi Xi stunned for a moment, he laughed ridiculously: The life of a doctor is like a medical device, and he has no right to enjoy the comfortable fireworks on the earth.

  Yi Xi knew that he was not condemning himself. He shuttled between the operating table and the ward for a day. People were so tired that they had their bones removed. After returning home, they went straight to the bed in the bedroom and enjoyed a comfortable life, as if it were something else.

  They looked at each other helplessly.

  Love is something that can’t help reminding that only women who are uneasy about her boyfriend will run to her boyfriend’s workplace again and again. To put it bluntly, a woman who loves and loses is not confident.

  Yi Xi is confident, so don’t go to Jiang Zi’an’s ward.

  I went there that day, because of the unusual leisure time, and the good noon sun, I passed through the window and hit the uniform, which made Icy inexplicably think of some warm debris.

Yi Xi washed her face, put some lip gloss on her lips, walked through the long corridor, went downstairs and upstairs, and wanted to surprise Jiang Zi’an.

  Going in quietly, Jiang Zi’an was looking at a CT report. His eyes were calm and compelling. I did not want to disturb him. I looked around and saw the young and beautiful nurse Wange. In the sun in front of the window, my skin was delicate.Lips are plump pink, and Shui Yingying’s eyes are fixed in a certain place. Following her sight, Yi Xi once again saw Jiang Zi’an’s face, calm and resolutely charming.

  Yi Xi snickered. Every industry has the law of love in every industry. The law of love in hospitals is that nurses love doctors.

  Once in love, the woman’s eyes can talk, making the onlookers at a glance.

  Yi Xi is not a narrow-minded woman. Everyone has the right to love others. The difference is how loved ones respond to this feeling.

Yi Xi contained a quiet smile and didn’t say a word. The three eyes turned zigzag straight until Jiang Zi’an looked away and rubbed his hands against his forehead a few times. Wan Ge’s eyes shivered away, Yi Xi softly calledZi’an.

  Wan Ge turned his face away, looking at Yi Xi, and there was embarrassment and embarrassment in his eyes that he could not hide, and then hurriedly bowed his head and hurried out.

Yi Xi said: Let’s go for a walk.

  The two went to the terrace and talked with each other along the railings. Yi Xidiao said with a smile: the little nurse in your ward is very beautiful.

Jiang Zi’an raised his eyelids and said casually: Really?   Hey, is there a little nurse secretly crushing on you?

Speaking, Yi Xiyi was on his arm. The scene she just watched made her a little excited, as if her own man was a good tree, and he was a phoenix standing on a branch. In the end, he was not an opponent.Birds come in one after another.

  Jiang Zi’an laughed: I haven’t noticed yet. It’s better that you come here often to inspect and observe for me that the nurses are interested in me, so that I can save my efforts.

  Yi Xi sneered: You are so beautiful, just now I saw a little nurse see you straight.

To be honest, Yi Xi never considered Wange as a love opponent. Except for the youthful youth, but how can a young woman who graduated from a nursing school resist her medical doctor who stayed in the United States?

No matter what you do, only your opponents will have the interest to continue. The same is true in love. Wange, no matter whether you are a rival or a lover, you and Jiang Zi’an will not feel like you are meeting each other.

  In Yixi ‘s view, if he compares his love with Jiang Zi’an to a garden, Wange is just a fallen leaf that flew on the way, and is destined not to become a flower in the garden.

  Jiang Zi settled down and said solemnly: Don’t make fun of others, spreading it will hurt others.

  Are you distressed?

  Jiang Zi was anxious, Yi Xi escaped with a smile, and met Wange again on the way back to the ward. She glanced timidly and walked away quickly, inexplicably, Yi Xi’s heart flickered,Throughout the afternoon, after thinking about Wange’s eyes, a little anxiety entangled him, and he regretted the words that he had said to Jiang Zi’an on the terrace, and could not help reminding him of love, even if he was joking.

  A moment of touching in front of Jiang Zi’an, Yi Xi did not mention Wange again, mentioning it too much, reversed the suggestion that Yi Xi still understood some of this truth.

However, at noon, Jiang Zi’an was often called to go to the restaurant for dinner. Jiang Zi’an, who was busy, might not be able to come. When the phone arrived, his heart also arrived. It was a kind of warmth.

  Yi Xi gradually found that Jiang Zi’an began to have a shallow contempt for the food in the hospital restaurant. On the weekend, Yi Xi dragged the semi-finished food from the refrigerator and brought it to the dining table. Although he didn’t say anything, he was deeply tired on the surface.Before, he could chew cold bread into a very tempting state.

  Yi Xi relentlessly went to the bookstore to buy back the bundled recipe photo drill. In the end, he had to throw a shovel in despair and said to Jiang Zi’an with his arms at the kitchen door: In this life, I have nothing to do with the chef.

  Jiang Zi’an smiled lightly and said: It’s not a day or two.

  There is something outside the conversation.

  Yi Xi sighed: Please wait for a domestic worker who can cook someday.

  Jiang Zi’an was already watching TV, and his attitude was ambiguous.

  On the weekend, Yi Xi was a doctor on duty. There were few patients. He was bored until noon. When he knew that Jiang Zi’an was working overtime to study a difficult disease, he went to him and raised his hand to push the door. The laughter in it turned out to be Jiang Zi’an.Voice: Why is it so delicious?

Beware of feeding me as a fat man. I’ll find your account.

  If you like it, I burn you every day.

It is Wange, whose voice is low as a baby’s shyness.

  There was a little silence in it, and it was awkwardly silent.

  Yi Xi raised his hand, and couldn’t fall for a long time. Jiang Zi’an became picky. Because of this, in the gap of the door, the sweet and sour carp scented by the nose, burrowed out, killing all the way to resist Yi Xi’s heart, his throat hurt a little, while tearsBefore running out, he turned around and fled.

  After returning to work, Yi Xi went to the supermarket to buy carp. According to the recipe, he burned in the kitchen with tears. A complete fish had been ruined beyond recognition. Jiang Zi’an returned and looked at the fish on the table with a cracked smile.
  Yi Xi poured two glasses of wine and said calmly: the more I burn, the better.

  Jiang Zi’an took a sip of wine: forget it, let’s go to the restaurant and eat less energy.

  Go to a restaurant to eat fat, who do you want to settle?

  Jiang Zi was stunned, looking at her, the wine glass was in his hand, and it was not embarrassing to put it on or drink. Yi Xi parted his face: Wan Ge deliberately burned so much delicious food for you, except for love, what do you give backHer affection?

  The wine glass was re-initialized on the table, Jiang Zi’an lifted his jacket and left, and the burnt fish shattered and shattered on the plate, just like I Xi’s mood.

  Overnight, Yi Xi opened his eyes and ears up, making him desperately quiet.

  Chen Xi was covered with curtains, and Yi Xi heard the sound of the car starting downstairs. As usual, when Jiang Zi’an was not sleeping, he would greet her on the balcony, then go downstairs and start a good car to wait for her.

  Not today, Yi Xi still habitually dressed and washed his face quickly, and rushed downstairs. Jiang Zi’an was sitting in the car, the aimed door was open, he sat in silently, the car slid out of the community silently and silently, YiXi counted 1232, 4 years in his heart, and the 30-year-old Yixi has not many youths to give up unscrupulously.

  When entering the hospital, parked the car, Yi Xi whispered: Zi’an . I do n’t know what to say next. I am aloof to anyone, not Yi Xi ‘s life style. I am used to doing things and I am used to being recognized and envy.

  Jiang Zi’an was a little hesitant: I’ll wait for you to eat at the restaurant at noon.

  Yi Xi refocused a few times, as if this sentence carried all the promises.

  They started eating together in the hospital restaurant again, as if nothing had happened.

  He just passed the calm scenery for a week. At noon, Yi Xi waited for Jiang Zi’an in the restaurant. The restaurant started to be bustling, and the number of people was gradually decreasing. Yi Xi did not wait for Jiang Zi’an because Wan Ge cut his wrist and attempted suicide.Rescue in the courtyard.

  Yi Xi ran over and looked at Wan Ge lying in the ward. He looked okay. He didn’t seem to have much blood loss. His eyes were slightly opened. When Yi Xi came in, he closed it. Jiang Zi’an lay down with his head down near the bed.He was so anxious that it was really his life that was alive.

  He looked up at Yi Xi and lowered his head. At that time, he didn’t want to hide any traces in Yi Xi’s face, and didn’t want to explain anything.   Yi Xi knew that Wan Ge was alive, but his love with Jiang Zi’an was dead.

She said to Jiang Zi’an: Can I talk to Wange alone?

  Jiang Zi’an came to the door, turned his head again, and wanted to bite something, seeing Yi Xi’s broken eyes and swallowing it back.

  Yi Xi’s efforts are not shocked: how beautiful life is, why do you refuse to enjoy the life process in this way?

For Jiang Zi’an?

  No one can do it, I just feel despair suddenly.

  Is it because last week, Jiang Zi’an accompanied me to lunch at the restaurant?

  When you open your eyes, your eyes will betray the dodging heart, so Wan Ge keeps her eyes closed, and Yi Xi laments the intelligence of this little woman in her heart. A woman who is so determined to die will not let others find herself.No one could save her, after all, it was just a means of asking for love.

  Yi Xi said: Don’t worry, I won’t let Jiang Zi’an accompany me for lunch anymore. You can cook for him every day to make him happy to gain weight.

  Wan Ge didn’t move, and her co-authored eyes rolled into tears. Yixi got up and left. Outside the ward, passing by Jiang Zi’an, she said: Don’t say sorry to me, she can take your life to love you, I can’t, andShe is more suitable than me.

  Behind him, Jiang Zi’an said his voice of thanks was very low.

  Yi Xi keeps her head up. At least, when others can see, she ca n’t cry. This is her habit. She can only be sad when she is sad. She just loses her confidence. She is not crying in front of others to invite sympathetic abandoned women.It’s all about love, and she’s wrong, she puts it all as one of the necessary hints for love balance.

  Perhaps, Jiang Zi’an didn’t say that he was not good at expressing love, but that love never existed between them. Similar marriage life in the United States is like two lonely aliens taking a bus, bus to a station, and traveling together.The people and things in it should flash into the past.