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Seven small tricks to treat small body problems

Seven small tricks to treat small body problems

Many small problems in life come in time and we can’t handle them.

For example, toothache, many people encounter toothache at night, but can’t just go to the hospital for treatment.

So at this time, some tricks are needed to deal with it: thumb blowing-sympathetic nerves that relieve tension and control heart rate can be adjusted by breathing, and blowing thumbs can smooth heartbeat and eliminate tension.

  Single-finger press on the upper jaw-to stop the nosebleeds. Nose bleeding is simpler and more effective than “cold water forehead”. Use a single finger to press the hollow of the maxillary cavity with a cotton ball.

Most nosebleeds are located in the anterior segment of the vein, so oral oral palate can quickly stop bleeding.

  Rubbing the ears-Itching the throat Itching in some parts of the body, scratching and scratching can be resolved.

But what to do with a sore throat?

Stimulating the nerves of the ear can cause reflexes in the throat muscles.

Therefore, rub your ears when your throat is itchy.

  Tongue against the upper jaw, finger pressure between the eyebrows-for nasal congestion, press the tongue against the upper jaw, and then insert one finger between the eyebrows. This action causes the nose to move forward and backward and relieve the nasal congestion.

The nose will ventilate after 20 seconds.

  Shake your head-Eliminate numbness of the arm. Sedentary or improper postures can cause numbness of the arm. This is related to the tension that causes nerve compression. Shaking the head to the left and right to eliminate muscle pressure can immediately eliminate numbness.

  Rubbing Tiger’s Mouth with Ice Cubes-Stopping Toothache A study found that rubbing tiger’s mouth with ice cubes can greatly reduce toothache.

The principle is that nerve activity in the tiger’s mouth area can stimulate painful areas in the brain and eliminate facial and hand pain signals.