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[How to make tender ginger]_how to do_how to do

[How to make tender ginger]_how to do_how to do

It can be divided into ginger and tender ginger, and people commonly use ginger in life. Because ginger is easier to preserve, and the pungent flavor of ginger can also be used, it is generally used when ginger is used as a seasoning.Is using ginger.

In fact, the taste of tender ginger is also very good, and it can also be eaten directly as a vegetable.

Those who like the taste of ginger, don’t miss some ways to make tender ginger.

1. How to marinate the tender ginger for 5 minutes, slice 190g of tender ginger, 10g of salt, 50g of white granulated sugar, and 15g of white vinegar.

Wash the tender ginger and trim the corners with a knife; wash the ginger slices; add salt, marinate until the effluent becomes soft, and drain the brine (1-2 hours); add an appropriate amount of sugar (the amount depends on the individualYou can choose more or less); add white vinegar (also according to personal preferences); put it in an appropriate bottle, put it in a refrigerator or freezer, and you can eat it in 2-3 hours.

Because the syrup has not been cooked, the marinated ginger should be eaten within one week, so the gram of marinated above is relatively small, just a small bottle, this is easy to make, and it will be fine after eating.
2, the therapeutic value of tender ginger eating ginger can be beauty.

The mixture of gingerene and gingerone isolated from ginger has obvious antiemetic effect.

Ginger has the ability to inhibit cancer activity, reduce the toxic effects of cancer, and can prevent cancer.

Ginger has a certain effect on ordinary colds and colds (for example, pregnant women who cannot take medicine casually can boil an appropriate amount of ginger into water to make a soup, which has a relief effect after drinking, rather than a serious adherence to it can be cured.

), Nasal congestion caused by wind and cold, can also peel ginger and put it on the edge of the nose to inhale to relieve.

3. How to choose and choose tender ginger? The color of the ginger should be light yellow. The meat is firm, not crispy, and the ginger buds are tender. At the same time, you can use the nose to smell. If there is a slight sulfur smell, do not buy it.

After the fresh ginger is bought back, first place it in the sun for an hour or two to remove the fungus on the fresh ginger. Then use a small earthen jar or large mouth jar to put 70% or 80% of the yellow sand (you must always keep the yellowThe sand is wet), and then the fresh ginger bought back is buried in it, showing a little ginger bud.

It can be taken at any time when eating, so that it will not be moldy and dry for a long time.

How to prepare tender ginger fried pork with ingredients: appropriate amount of ginger, moderate pork tenderloin, a green pepper, alternative raw soy sauce, sulfated pepper, instead of bean paste, instead of salt, starch, etc.

Method: Wash and slice the tenderloin.

Put a little raw soy into the cut meat, mix with pepper, cooking wine and marinate for about 15 minutes. Wash and peel the ginger.

Slice the ginger, the thinner it will be, the better it will taste. Cut the green pepper into small pieces for later use.

Add the starch to the meat and mix well.

Put more oil in the pan and it won’t stick to the pan. You don’t need to put any more oil when frying ginger.

Heat the oil and add a teaspoon of watercress.

Pour the meat slices over high heat and stir-fry.

Leave the bottom oil in the pot.

Pour in ginger and green pepper pieces and stir-fry with some salt.

Stir fry ginger for a while and stir well.