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Experience hot yoga 44 days after C-section

Experience hot yoga 44 days after C-section

I once heard a friend say, “If you can successfully lose 10 pounds after giving birth, you will lose 10 pounds by the age of 40, but if you increase 10 pounds after giving birth, then you will grow another 10 pounds by the age of 40.


“Although this is just a theory, I did not see that mother really like this, but at least reminded the new mothers who love beauty that the earlier the postpartum exercise, the better. If you miss the best weight loss period, you may never regret it all your life.  I gained 23 pounds during pregnancy, and returned to the pre-pregnancy weight 42 days after giving birth. The new mother I met during the review couldn’t believe that I had just given birth to a baby.

Originally, I wanted to be more lazy at home, but my husband asked me to go out to exercise every day. First, I shot a stack of RMB, and all the expenses were reimbursed.

Looking at me later, I was not moved by money, and moved out of my son again, saying that I can not care about the image, but the son must have a beautiful mother, and I was finally defeated.


  Hot yoga is my choice for postpartum weight loss.

Because hot yoga is very suitable for people who are new to yoga or long-term lack of exercise, isn’t it because they haven’t exercised for a long time?

And they all said that the effect of high-temperature yoga for weight loss is very obvious. I have a friend who practiced for one month after giving birth and lost ten pounds.

This is simply too seductive for us new mothers who can’t wait to recover their slim figure in a day.

  44 days after giving birth, I finally walked into the high-temperature yoga room.

As soon as I entered the door, I quit. Isn’t this sauna?

The heat of the face, the wooden decoration, the surrounding sauna stove, the soft yellow lights, if it is not filled with melodious yoga music, it is really no different from the sauna room.

I spread the yoga mat in a side position and looked around. There was already one in the room. She was lying on the mat quietly. I lay down like I learned her, only to find that it was only a few feet on the floor.There is relatively cool air in the centimeter place, and you will feel much cooler when you lie down.

However, because the temperature of the entire room was still very high, a small amount of sweat had already appeared at the moment of entering. After a while, the clothes were already wet.

  Because I chose the course in the afternoon, there were only three books. Our coach was a crush, and he was so enviable that he was envious.

Fortunately, the fog in the room is very heavy, so we “big belly” are not too embarrassed.

With music and passwords, my first hot yoga class started.

  High-temperature yoga is particularly prominent in breathing, slow breathing, especially not being able to hold your breath. At such a high temperature, it is estimated that you will faint.

Due to the high temperature, the joints, ligaments, and muscles of the body are easier to complete than usual. It is also because of the high temperature that I fully understand what is sweating, sweating like rain, and sweat dripping down the soil.

.Sure enough, practiced true knowledge!

  The high-temperature yoga movements are all fixed sets, a total of 26 styles. I realized it carefully. The abdominal pull is not very obvious. Only this movement may cause pressure on the wound that violates the cesarean section.Just hold your elbows on the ground, don’t lie down completely like the beauties in the picture.

There are two other actions, both of which are to lower the head upside down. In an upside down, half of the sweat flows into the eyes, trachoma, and half directly into the nose, and pinches the nose.

If you close your eyes, you will not be able to maintain balance, hold your breath, and be afraid of fainting. It is really uncomfortable.

  I haven’t exercised for nearly a year, coupled with the fact that my baby has just finished giving birth, my physical strength really can’t keep up. On several occasions, I feel dark and dizzy before my eyes.Tone slowly slowly.

The coach said, when you feel uncomfortable, lie down immediately, I firmly believe that I can stick to it, and I always support it.

For the first time doing high-temperature yoga, as long as you feel comfortable when you are doing the action.

Most of my movements are not in place, the ligaments are not soft enough, and the abdomen has no strength at all. I can’t get up from sit-ups.

What’s even more overwhelming is that I wore a pair of trousers. After a few movements, all the clothes were soaked and attached to the body. If I want to raise my legs, I must lift up the legs of the pants.

However, we did not sweat as much as the coach did. The coach had to twist her towel every few moves, and the sweat was raging.

She said that people with better metabolism sweat more, and the upper limbs sweat more than the lower limbs, because many people usually sit, the circulation of the lower limbs is not good, and of course it is not easy to sweat, so the lower limbs tend to accumulate adults!!

  The first high-temperature yoga class was 75 minutes. I can only say that I was reluctant to persevere until the end, but I felt very comfortable after sweating. I really started to lose weight and was psychologically satisfied.

The coach urged that you can practice up to two times a week, and you can practice negative oxygen yoga or ordinary yoga in the rest of the time. You must adjust in time according to your own situation, especially for new mothers like us., Do not immediately go home immediately after exercise and go home, add more water before and after exercise.

  My own experience is that the feeding of the baby is already hard, and you must not exercise excessively, but gradually.

The action of high temperature yoga is not difficult, but because it sweats a lot, it is quite physically exhausting and the intensity is not small. Therefore, if the mother and child who are just born are feeling weak, do not choose high temperature yoga.Slimming, it is more suitable to start from swimming.
If the conditions allow to practice high-temperature yoga, then do n’t wear long pants like me. Choose clothes that absorb sweat and breathe but do n’t stick. Some high-temperature yoga halls are exclusive to women.Bring a larger slip on the yoga mat outside and use it when you’re sweating.
Of course, the most important thing is to buy a yoga mat of your own, because even if you rinse it again, it will leave sweat. With the common mat in the yoga hall, I always feel that I can smell a smelly foot.

.  Sports require perseverance and perseverance, and this is what I lack the most, so I want to thank Wang Fang. She has always “inculcated” me with the concept of being a charming mother, and inspired me to launch an impact on beauty. I also want to thank my husband, whoIt gave me the strongest support. Of course, the most important thing is money. I also want to thank my mother-in-law and my father for helping me take care of my lovely son when I exercise, so that I have no worries.

  I promised my son that he must give him a proud and beautiful mother!

The son laughed.