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How much is your love value?

How much is your love value?

1. When you meet, you call each other: name-2 nickname or nickname-4 husband or wife-3 2. When two people walk, usually they are: you are pulling the other -4 the other is pulling you -3 without a bodyContact -5 3, will the other party cancel your previously scheduled plans: never -5 occasionally -4-as often as -7 -4, will you choose a couple outfit with your lovers: very like -7 not like-5 will choose the less conspicuous jewelry -6 5. Have you ever been dating until late at night: many times -6 how many times -8 never -7 6 and saw two people pay for their own bills,Your thoughts are: they must be friends-9 they must be the lovers who break up-7 must be not too familiar with each other -10 7, can you accept that lovers lie to you: it depends on the situation -8 absolutely cannot accept -9 ifLove the other person will not mind -10 8, what do you think the other person touched you the most: sending an expensive gift -11 said something that touched you -21 grams has something that touched you -12 9, and a lover to the restaurantEat and find that there is no place, you will: continue to wait and see -18 grams for another house to see -10 grams for advice-13 grams 10, see the other person’s shortcomings, you will: ask the other party to change -12 pretend not to see -4 grams to imply that the other party does not like -14 11, if you choose a birthday gift for your lover, you will choose:Brand-name watch -13 grams an antique display -13 a limited edition CD-4 gram 12, if you are separated from your lover, what you want to keep most is: photos of two people -10 grams each other give you a gift -13 yourselfDiary-14 13, the scenery you would most like to see with your lover is: the setting sun goes down-16 the sun rises east -18g moon stars-21g 14, do you want your lover to become more perfect: Of course I hope -16 only love meStep by step hope-4 grams now looks good -15 15, if you put a photo in the wallet of your lover, you will choose: your own art photo -21 grams of the two photos -18 grams of your ownLife photos-4 grams 16, your wallet usually holds: your own picture-21 grams of family photos-13 grams of lovers photos-15 test results: 4 grams: confident you never think that love is equal,Love in your eyes is just a chasing game where you run after me, and you think you should always be pursued by the worship of the opposite sexOn one side, you rarely open up to each other even when in love. It is better to say that you like yourself more when you like the other person. It is because you always ignore the feelings of the other person that you are getting more and more love from you.less.

  10 grams: Love is a complicated and laborious thing for you. Pure and plain feelings are what you want. Compared with the vigorous love, you like the water flowing long, so when two people are in love, they will hardly start at the beginning.Aroused a lot of feelings, even almost half of them, but this kind of feeling is very suitable to grow slowly in the ordinary life. Although the temperature of love will not rise, your love will become deeper and deeper.

  13g: You must be a person with a strong sense of family. The object of his love must be a talent suitable for marriage. The other person expects a feeling of security, so he treats others very seriously.I am looking forward to a family-like lover, and when he is in love, he will probably only achieve something. He will pay half of his sincerity to you, but after you become his family and become part of him, he gradually pays you more.
  18g: The person who wants to get along with you must be a lively personality, and it is really a happy thing to be in love with others who are good at dealing with people. The relationship between you is almost perfect. The only flaw is that even if you loveHe also wants to leave some free space for each other.

Although the other party can now tolerate the shackles of your love, as time goes by, this love will also change over time.

  21g: Your lover must be a more nostalgic person. Your encounter is probably because you fell in love at first sight, because one of your eyes or smile fell in love, because the other person is looking forward to that pure love without impurities, soThe expenditure on love is also whole-hearted, but this does not mean that you are his only choice. He who is nostalgic sometimes sometimes finds another good relationship because he has a certain detail or characteristic that he likes and breaks up with you. LoveIt’s deep but it spreads fast.