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Secrets that men can’t tell on their phones

Secrets that men can’t tell on their phones

I believe that everyone’s mobile phone will hide some psychological secrets that dare not show others, at least the secrets that they dare not show to their loved ones, especially men’s mobile phones.

In order not to put yourself in an embarrassing situation, many people practice the habit of sending and deleting at all times.

Every time you send or receive a text message or make a call, the record will be deleted immediately, so that you can comfort your lover while keeping yourself from being passive.

However, the more such dodge, the more the distance between lovers . The mobile phone has a new transformation in cell phone love, which has greatly helped men in cheating, and has played a vital role as a tool for cheating.

In the past, cheating men often used mobile phones to send and receive messages or to call and express their love.

But now, mobile phone cheating has changed a bit.

  Among some successful and independent boys and girls, it is difficult for them to find a stable relationship, so their love is more like a “spiritual love”.

They both sent some yellow pieces to each other.

The ambiguous language is so straightforward that their text messages have risen to a level that they cannot read under the age of 18.

Whether they are just a millimeter apart or thousands of miles apart, they will insist on creating a poem of desire or a poem of love every day.

They don’t mind if each other has an engagement girlfriend or an engagement boyfriend, they just want to maintain this free relationship with Ohara.

There is no physical contact, only the spiritual Qingqing I. Such a spiritual love frees them from having to worry about physically betraying their lover.

  They do not call each other, and never store each other’s number in their mobile phones, so that they cannot find each other’s existence in their lives.

Their couples have developed the habit of deleting immediately when sending and receiving text messages. Even if the two call transfer moments when they meet, the two will make arrangements in advance, so their mobile phones will always be a clean and transparent place.

  How can you find new progress in this kind of mobile phone cheating?

Perhaps only that thick statement can reveal clues.

  Mobile phone new address book The secret of the man hidden in the mobile phone, also reflects the first name of the man’s mobile phone address book.

  The first place in a man’s mobile phone address book, Junbao is a man’s name. In fact, this name cannot be considered. This person is likely to be a woman and the most diligent woman he has contacted.

Because he is first, it is more convenient to send text messages and make phone calls.

Men write the name of the first man as “man”, or “one” or “letter”.

This is their secret, because only in this way can better cover up, otherwise the woman finds that the one she loves most and contacts most is not your woman.

Moreover, ordinary women, when they see a man’s name, they will not immediately be suspicious, so that when a woman peeks at your mobile phone, you can shirk it outright.

If a secret is accidentally discovered by a woman, men can also tell women, do n’t make a fuss about discovering this secret, it ‘s nothing to hide.

  Mobile phones trigger emotional crisis. Mobile phones are too important and personal for us. Because they are important and personal, the personal information and private secrets related to us become more sensitive accordingly.

The mobile phone is simply a grenade. This classic line just makes people sigh, revealing more destructively the mobile phone’s destructive effect on emotions and even marriage. The reason why the “mobile phone” is not because of the mobile phone itself, or even the strongResonance of marriage crisis.

  The mobile phone is really like a bomb, no one knows when the bomb will be detonated.

I remember a story saying that a couple is separated from each other, and the man has already secretly communicated with the beautiful girl next door.

Once the wife came to visit her husband, the beautiful girl also brought fruit, everything looked harmonious and very pleasant, but the husband’s cell phone was lost somehow when the wife left.

A month later, the wife sent a divorce agreement. It turned out that the wife had suspected her husband’s derailment, and deliberately turned the mobile phone into a vibration and hid it under her husband’s pillow. The husband did not find it for a month. It may be concluded that this monthThe husband may not have returned to sleep at all.

  Of course, this wife’s approach is a bit paranoid, the husband may not be out of order, and it may not be ruled out that he may himself be a carefree person, but this story can be obviously trimmed, the powerful role played by the phone between husband and wife makes it not onlyEvidence of evil, even a tool of temptation, how many people’s feelings are ruined by the manipulation of mobile phones.

Mobile phones are still the best tool to prove their innocence. They can be turned on 24 hours a day. They never hide that mobile phones have been regarded as one of the standards for good men in the new era. In the face of such a situation, we still can only sigh.