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Drinking chicken soup in cold weather can improve immunity

Drinking chicken soup in cold weather can improve immunity

Winter is coming and the weather is getting colder. Experts in Jiangsu Province reminded that when the cold current hits, in order to strengthen the body’s resistance, it is best to add more diets with disease prevention effects.

In this season, you may wish to drink more chicken soup.

  In life, people know more or less the common sense of nourishing and nourishing, but the effect of chicken soup may be only a superficial understanding.

Expert research has found that chicken soup has a certain effect in alleviating symptoms (such as nasal congestion and sore throat) and improving the body’s immune function.

  Winter is susceptible to colds, and it is also the season of high flu.

Unlike common colds, flu attacks come fiercely, usually with symptoms of pain, high fever, and fatigue, accompanied by cough, blocked nasal cavity, and sore throat.

After being attacked by the influenza virus, people will secrete a large number of mucosal substances.

Studies have shown that chicken soup can inhibit the production of mucous membranes. Therefore, drinking chicken soup can help reduce nasal insertion and throat pain, and the number of coughs will also decrease.

In addition, the experimental results on the efficacy of chicken soup also showed that chicken soup can inhibit the activity of an anti-infective white blood cell in the blood.

Although the function of these white blood cells is to destroy bacteria in the human body, they cause a large amount of mucus in the “fight”, and this mucus can make people with colds and flu feel uncomfortable.

At this time, the inhibitory effect of chicken soup on mucus will significantly relieve the patient’s symptoms.

  Chicken soup can improve the immune function of the human body. Therefore, the role of chicken soup in the fight against colds and flu cannot be underestimated.

In the season of high flu, drinking chicken soup in moderation will help improve the body’s immune system for healthy people.

For those who have been infected with the influenza virus, it is beneficial to suppress the inflammation and the large amount of mucus caused by the cold, thereby reducing the patient’s pain.